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2nd time my baby stroller get damaged with Emirates airline

1st time they didnt even call to update me after doing a damage report

2nd time I follwed up with them and they called me and asked me to leave the damaged stroller at emirates office for them to replace it when I arrived back they refused to replace and told me its either you get less than 50% of the cost or you get nothing!!!!!!

sevral times tried to reach someone responsible ie customer service manager and they refuse to call or discuss with me (All of this and I have a silver status with them)

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Disgusted with the level of service and treatment received.

As salaamu alaykum

Dear Brother or Sister in Islam

I, Moulana Abdool Rahman would like to place on record my complaint of poor,disgusting service that my family and friend received at Madina Airport by your staff member Aarif. We got to the check in counter at Madina Airport on the 28th Of March for Flight EK 808 bound for Dubai and then to South Africa.

Your staff member known to us as Aarif, who refused to divulge his details which resulted in me going to other staff to try and find out

his details who were also very reluctant to divulge it to me. With alot of difficulty I did edventually get his name. I also wanted his surname which they refused to surrender.

The constant question was as to why I wanted his deatils. I realised all the staff in Madina were aware of this persons character

otherwise they would have given me the relevant information without any difficulty or hesitation.

My Friend also a Moulana from Pakistan was in front of me waiting to be attended to by your Aarif at the Madina check in counter. Aarif

told Moulana to put his bags onto the scale which included his hand luggage. He was suddenly over weight. Aarif began demanding that moulana pay for the over weight. Moulana was trying to explain to him that his hand

luggage was included.

Aarif refused to listen. All he was concerned with was the money and not reason. Moulana's boarding pass was printed and ready to be handed to him which Aarif refused to do.Aarif tore the boarding pass in pieces in our presence without any fear of any possible disciplinary action being taken against him. I was very upset and was going to reprimand him. My wife stopped me as she didn't want

us to get into an argument in a foreign country.

Had he been in my country namely South Africa he would be dealt with very severely. His job is guaranteed due to people like my friend, family and I who use your airline. To add insult to injury, Moulana was thrown out of the *** and made to go to the back.


Moulana did get onto the flight after a lengthly delay. My family and I were seated on seats 34 D, E, F and Moulana on 34 B.

Flight EK 775 was also delayed for over an hour at Dubai Airport due to a flimsy reason that the plane needed to be cleaned. Your pilot drove the plane like a maniac which caused my daughter to become sick

resulting in her bringing up on the plane.

This was due to the sheer speed which resulted in the plane being bounced about as the weather wasn't too good at certain parts of the flight.

I have never had this problem with South African Airways, One Time, Mango, Egypt neither has my family experienced this kind of madness with Saudi Airlines.

I hope and pray that you will take my complaint seriuosly as I will be awaiting your urgent response. If I don't then I will ensure maximum exposure of these incidents in all major newspapers, blackberry (BBM) and other media.


Moulana Abdool Rahman

This is a copy of the email I sent to their cosumer complaints department. It is extremely sad to see and learn that we are not the only ones' that have suffered at the hands of "THUGS" on an international flight. I hope and pray that other people will be made aware of these problems that we have experienced.

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