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I am a scuba diver travelling to thailand with emirates.

I have my scuba gear in my luggage, wrap the bag at the airport and landing in bangkok i see that the wrapping was cut off and my luggage zip is open.

My sxuba regulator is missing.

I do the report to the baggage claim service and after that nobody contacted me until todaynso 1 month later to say the following. I copy and paste the email of mr imdadullah afiz from customer affair..

If i listen to him it is my responsability... The scuba gear as it is valuable it is not taken in charge by airline it is not their responsability.. So i should maybe put my tank, suit, regulator, fin, mask and bcd on me in the cabin the next time i.flight..

His answer

wish to advise you that your claim in respect of damage/missing baggage is governed by an International Treaty known as the Montreal Convention 1999, which has been ratified by the countries where you began and ended your journey. The Montreal Convention is exclusive which means that it provides the only remedy available in these circumstances.


In accordance with Article 20 of the Montreal Convention, the carrier is not liable if the damage/loss has been caused or contributed to by the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of the person claiming compensation.


Furthermore, in accordance with our Conditions of Carriage, which form a part of your ticket contract, we are not liable for loss of valuables,, which are included in the passenger's checked baggage, whether with or without our knowledge. You may view a complete set of our Conditions of Carriage on our website, in particular Articles 8.3.3 and 15.5.3.


In your case you packed a valuable item, Scuba Regulator, in your checked baggage.


Under the circumstances we are unable to offer any compensation for the item you have claimed missing.

What do u guys think. We need to boycott this kind of *** company making millions.while they *** on their cudtomers..

Hope it can help.some people hesitating to choose their airline..

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy.

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