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Emirates agree that my flight is delayed by 14 hours due to them having technical faults.

They refuse to offer me any compensation and refuse to abide by european regulations as they are not european.

Will never use them again and i would advise you all to do the same, worse then Ryan Air or Easyjet.

See Below

First let me begin by saying, we have generally found your services excellent and over a number of years as large family who travel regularly to visit relatives abroad this is the first serious problem we have had.

In this particular instance things ran extremely badly, we were on transfer from Trivandrium to Heathrow and we were taking Flight EK005 from Dubai to Heathrow for the second part of our Journey

We boarded the flight as normal, but on boarding the temperature was extremely high, we were advised that this would be resolved shortly.

After 30 minutes the temperature had risen to approximately 50 degrees, people were fainting and babies were crying. An announcement was made that there was a technical fault with the air-conditioning and all power would be turned off to resolve the matter. Another 30 minutes and we were advised that the matter could not be resolved and that we would have to disembark, all the time the temperature rising to a unbearable level in the Dubai afternoon sun.

We were advised it would be 2 hours, then 3 hours, we decided to get some lunch and on our return we advised that the flight would not depart until the following day and we then had to go through various desks to get documents to have accommodation and then through immigration.

During this process i explained that i would need my luggage to have clean clothes and get my wallet for my debit card as i had not carried enough cash for such a long stop and had spent my money on lunch.

On arrival at the hotel i was advised that my luggage could not be brought to me and that no provision could be made, i explained that we were sitting on a plane at 50 degrees and needed a change of clothes, toiletries, a toothbrush.

The staff were very unhelpful and unsympathetic, when i asked to use the phone i was told i had to pay 300 Dirham deposit and the fact that i had no access to funds made no difference".

Generally the hotel was poor and basic, i have stayed in more comfortable hostels in Amsterdam;. We were given food vouchers to buffet that was mostly depleted and when i requested wine with my meal it was taken away because i could not pay! The fridge in room was empty

We were woken at 3;.30 AM to check out and depart for the airport..

We were in the same dirty clothes that we sweated in during our overheated initial boarding of EK005 to complete our journey/.

The purpose of our visit was the engagement ceremony of two of our party and we were due to meet for a family meal at a local venue to show pictures and celebrate, but we could not attend due to our late return'.

All work commitments for the Monday had to be cancelled incurring considerable loss".

We had to make provision for our return Journey as our initial provisions were no longer available and this incurred some expense!.

But apart from the financial loss and the discomfort of the whole journey, the most upsetting thing was the ruining of a very joyous event.


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Spent 13 hours in Emirates Airline lines in Dubai airport and couldn't get a connected flight

Broken neckless

Terrible service at Dubai airport.

Terrible Experience and Poor Customer Service

Unhelpful staff in the airlines

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karia karia

less than a minute ago from London, England

Emirates are still rubbish


karia karia

Jan 04

Emirates are useless


karia karia

Jan 04

Emirates are useless


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Spent 13 hours in Emirates Airline lines in Dubai airport and couldn't get a connected flight

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Oh no no free wine?!?!?! in Dubai say it aint soooo!! Planes go technical, fact of life it *** the airline off even more than it does you trust me!!!

Ryan air would not have put you in a hotel, paid for your meals or given you transport to and from the airport; they barely wouldve put you on the next flight.

And point of fact I'm british, born british Ive posted many many many times on this site and this is the first time i've ever stated this fact. Just because you're british does not entitle you to free upgrades, waivers of excess baggage, or an exemption from flights going technical. PLZ PLZ PLZ stop ruining brits reputation. Im sick of having to defend myself cos of idiots like yourself get a clue.


Hahaha i asume you are not British yourself.Your passport.That might be. But the people with extensive family to visit in South India are usually Indian.

Sorry buddy. But passport doesnt make you become British.

REAL British actually never mention they are British.

One more thing, if you travel often, why do you depart for such a long journey without your wallet and some extra clothes in your hand luggage?

Even a child knows that you always have to carry some clothes in your hand luggage, in case your suitcase is lost. This goes for EVERY airline.


Why did you put your wallet in your luggage????

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