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I traveled from DXB to BLR on 4th Nov with my wife and we had one of the best experiences on EK. I was served by Ali and a French gentleman whose name I fail to remember now but had mentioned in my previous (wow) feedback form. The travel was a pleasure as the crew on board were excellent and extremely customer service oriented.

On my return flight on 16th Nov from BLR to DXB on EK 567 at 18.30 hours, I had one of my worst in-flight experiences. It's rather unfortunate as just a few days earlier I had a fabulous time and only had good things to say about EK. I had great pleasure in filling up the feedback form.

I was served fresh Orange Juice as my welcome drink which we enjoyed. I was asked about my dinner and I requested for a Chicken meal but unfortunately was informed they are short of chicken meal on a flight which wasn't even completely full. The lady who served me wasn't very pleasant either and did not bother to find if I would consider other alternatives. This was shocking as I was in Business Class. I would have appreciated had they been a little more nicer towards me since they had inconvenienced and not offered me a meal of my choice. Is this not part of customer service within the hospitality industry?

I was hoping the senior purser would reach out to me to resolve the situation but unfortunately I had to ask for him and wait for him to meet me. He did not introduce himself and asked me what the problem was, I introduced myself and requested for his name. He gave me his name only when I insisted. He was repeatedly interrupting me while I was talking, I suggested one of us speak at any given time and I would hear his justification once I was done. All he said was I wasn't telling things the right way and went away. This was extreme arrogance and speaks about how much the staff actually cares about the passengers.

I regret flying EK and further regret to be a bad ambassador (word of mouth) based on my last experience. If this is the state of affairs when flying as a business class passenger paying a premier fare, I can only imagine what one has to go thru in economy.

Thank you for ruining my journey, which can never be undone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

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Only one thing to highlight. It is a shortfall of the purser not to introduce himself, however your comment that he gave you his name only when you insisted sounds like he wanted to hide it.

I would like to remind you that every purser on the flight wear a name tag with their FULL name for anyone to read it.

Sice this is a fact, they know very well that all complaints about them can reach their managers easily,therefore they are very careful how they handle customers on board.If he said you are not talking the proper way, then you probably didnt. Crew in the Purser position in Emirates are highly experienced people with lots of years of flying behind them, and hundreds of thousands of passengers handled in the past. If they say you dont talk to them the right way, then they might only just compare you with other people they have handled...and they are probably right.They should not be arrogant, but they should not take arrogant behaviour from you either.

Paying business class doesnt mean you can talk inappropriate. In fact, if you are on business class, you should pride yourself on behaving as a business class customer, not to inconvenience your fellow passengers having to listen to a bothering conversation.


Sounds like a bad purser set the tone for the flight, no excuse for that.

However as far as the shortage on chicken meals, regardless of how many pax are on a flight there onlmy enough are meals loaded for the amount of pax boarded. They do not waste meals by overloading, if the meals are not consumed on the flight they are disposed of. If you have this issue in the future and have a preference to a meal type you can pre-order your meal when booking your seat.

I worked for EK and absolutely loved it. I don't think one bad experience should ever over shadow the hard work of the majority of crew. In my experiences I have seen poor customer service take place, this is unfortunate but something the individual needs to be repremanded for not the company as a whole.

Given the opportunity to return to working for EK I would jump at it.

Give them another go, Seriously there are only a few cabin crew with a bad attitude and they just need to move on if they can not be bothered providing the service they have been highly trained to provide.

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