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I would advice future passangers to be very careful when flying with Emirates Airlines.

My bad experience on my recent trip from KL to Dubai and back was a disaster. Not only were the cabin crew not helpful, they were very rude and too busy chatting away not bothering to look after their passangers.

My worst trip was the return leg from Dubai to KL whereby the airhostess were not only rude but could not be bothered about us the passangers. I noticed that the airhostess when we board no longer help us load our luggage up into the luggage compartment, instead they just stand there looking ignorant. As we were seated on the 46th and 47th row, this flight from Dubai to KL ran out of chicken and I and my son were offered fish or noodle. This is totally not acceptable so when I complained the Cabin Crew said in a very rude manner they cannot do anything so I either took the fish or the noodle, they way they said it was its not their problem if I dont eat anything.

After I complained several times, the chief offered chicken from the business class but only for 1 person, so I gave my chicken to my son and eat the noodle as that was all they had. This just shows that the cabin crew care do not care about their passagers. But Emirates forget that its the passangers who bring in the money for them to run the business, Emirates think they are doing us a favour but I think its high time we look for other airlines who can offer better service and food. The cabin crew do not care when we ask them to do something for us.

I put in to ask for assistance but no cabin crew came, they are so badly trained and do not care for the passangers. Instead I see the cabin crew busy chatting at the back. I am amazed on how emirates got the best airline award - so who got bribed????

or got upgraded. As I certainly wont be saying Emirates is the best airline and I wont be flying them again and I wont recommend Emirates to any of my friends.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant.

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CATERING load the meals. its the COMPANY who deals with the meal load.

Dont complain about the staff for not having chicken... you want them to pull it out of their pocket? Buy extra to take on board just in case?

Get real. This is a company issue not a crew issue.


I totally agree with Jackle and dont agree with gloria.


Since Gloria is getting personal this is my comments to her. If she/he wants to be treated like a cow, and get given scrap then please go ahead. Do you know what the airhostess call the economy passagers - cattle!!!! Gloria - you seem to know a lot about crew spending time at the clinics or hospital, Are you a crew??? If you are then shut the ***** up. You are not paying for any of my fares and I am entitled to what every passenger is getting so again you must be a ******** crew to be so sympathetic. The airhostess know what their job is supposed to be and if the dont like it then they can **** off. Look for a desk job. No one put a gun to their head and forced them to be airhostesses. If you want to be poisoned by eating fish go right ahead. If you want to be a ******* cow and give in to them then go ahead.

I dont fly British Airways or any other European Airline because they are totally ***.

I do like Malaysian Airlines, Cathay Airlines, Singapore Airlines, New Zealand Airlines, Thai Airlines and Singapore Airlines because their service is good, the food is good and their airhosteses look after their passangers and make sure all food and drinks are served well. If I want to eat **** noodles I can go to a ****** coffee shop and have cheap noodle and not pay thousands of dollars for cheap ****** noodle in a cup.

When I pay its my money coming out not yours and therefore I expect good service in every way. If that is too much then Emirates should stop operating.

I fly again in Feb, March, April, July, October and December but I certainly wont be using Emirates. Emirates cannot offer enough food for the passengers, Emirates only serve fish meals, airhostesses do not come when we call for them even after waiting for 45 minutes they still dont come, they serve you when they feel like serving as they are too busy chit-chat at the back.

And Gloria, if you like Emirates a lot then please keep flying them. All the best to you.


Is this comment for real or is it a joke???

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