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This description presents the events that took place on April 11th 2013.

My booking (booking reference GBM6TB) consisted on flight EK867 from Muscat to Dubai connecting to flight EK191 from Dubai to Lisbon. I checked in on-line and began my trip at Muscat. At the boarding gate at Muscat the Emirates employee checking the gate passed my boarding pass on the barcode reader and got an error. She wrote something down on a piece of paper and told me to board. I did not think of it much at the time.

After reaching Dubai I proceeded to EK191. I reached the gate about 1 hour before departure, when the gate was opening. At the gate I was asked to wait since there was a problem with my booking. I was told that I had not shown on the EK867 flight and so my trip was cancelled. I was asked if I had come through another airline which I confirmed I did not. I had in deed flown on the correct flight. I was asked to wait while the gate supervisor made a number of calls and talked with several people. After a full 50 minutes being told to keep waiting I was told I would not be able to board and that the flight was already closing.

I proceeded to the transfer desk. There they confirmed that the situation had arisen due to a possible error at Muscat and were surprised it could not be solved at the Dubai gate. They proposed that I took the EK191 flight of April 12th which I refused since I needed to be at Lisbon as early as possible. As an alternative they routed me to Madrid and then connecting into an Iberia flight that reached Lisbon at 23:30 of April 11th.

It is now clear that there were two serious mistakes by Emirates. One at Muscat where I boarded without proper procedure to register that on the system. Another one at Dubai where, even though there was more than sufficient time for it, the gate supervisor did not work around the problem. Due to this double mistake I reached my destination over 10 hours delayed and very much stressed and tired from a difficult trip. I missed an important business appointment that day with financial and reputation costs for my company.


1 month after submitting this complaint I was contacted by Emirates customer service with the following text admitting Emirates responsibility:

"Our records show that due to a system glitch, your boarding details did not reflect on flight EK867 from Muscat to Dubai on 11 April. Therefore, the computerised check-in system automatically suspended your ticket. (...) However, we remain concerned at your overall disappointment and wish to take this opportunity to restore your faith in Emirates. Therefore, as a gesture of goodwill, without prejudice or admission of liability, Emirates is pleased to offer you 20,000 complimentary miles,"

To accept this "gift" would force me to sign a document releasing Emirates of any further liability.

I have refused this offer and seek to have a full refund of my ticket which has been refused by Emirates. Additional liabilities due to business and personal losses I incurred should not be forgotten. Emirates have refused this refund which would be due by failing to provide the service I hired"


Emirates complaint reference: Our Ref No: DXB/X/AP/150413/6855424

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $785.

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