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If you think about travelling with Emirates, the supposed "Best airline", think again. I booked my parents' travel through Dubai (ticket#176 2170102691 + 1). I had the exact same layover at Dubai on ticket 1762173274175 (+2).

Based on the eligibility criterion at the time of booking (2014-Jan-03), the ticket my parents travelled on qualified for Dubai Connect (earliest outbound flight; not the last inbound flight). Emirates kept on stating that the passengers needed to come in on the last inbound flight (if that is the case, why they didn't have it on the eligibility criterion? The crooks changed in March after I mentioned to them)



You must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for the ‘Dubai Connect’ offer:

Minimum connecting time for Economy Class passengers

The connection time between inbound flight arrival into Dubai and the outbound flight departure from Dubai must be more than or equal to eight hours and less than or equal to 24

hours. The passenger must be booked on the earliest available outbound flight to the required destination to qualify for the ‘Dubai Connect’ offer.


Emirates also kept mentioning that during the booking process eligibility of Dubai Connect is shown (emails to @ Tue 2014.01.28 02:01 AM PST). However, the customer service guy I talked to on 2014-Apr-01 @ 02:15 AM PST (I have the recording too) mentioned that it is during the ticket issue process. If they know that they don't display the Dubai Connect during the booking process, why did the customer service mention that it is shown? If there is a price point which makes a booking qualify for Dubai Connect, why is there no link to the same anywhere on their portal based on origin and destination?

Emirates also mentioned that complimentary meal coupons are provided to passengers for the layover (email from to @ Sat 2014-Jan-18 01:47 AM PST). My parents were not provided with anything. The 75 yr olds had to starve for more than 24 hours since they didn't have enough knowledge to communicate in Dubai.

I have used Emirates extensively in the past to book my own or my parents travel. However, will never be on my list ever in the future if they cant be sensitive to the 70+ yr olds travelling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $550.

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"They didn't have enough knowledge to communicate on Dubai"? What do you mean? Everyone at the airport speaks English for one.

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