Medina, Al Madinah
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I want to made a complaint against Emirates Airlines.

I have travelled from LHE-DXB-JED-MED-DXB-LHE started my journey with my family (Total 5 passengers including myself) from LHE on 21 Dec 2013 and returned LHE on 8th Jan 2014 under booking Ref.: EFCZRF. We have to perform UMRAH.

Problem started from when my flight EK808 from MED-DXB cancelled on 5th Jan 2014 due to an accident at Medina airport. My flight was at 0445hrs. Accident occurred at around 0300hrs. So runway/airport closed at the same time. No Emirates staff was there to help or facilitate the passengers. Everybody was asking to each other what happened and what will happen next. Other flights including Gulf Air, Saudi Airlines etc. etc. were also cancelled but they have staff there to facilitate their passengers. All EK flight passengers got to know the airport situation through other airlines staff. NO EK staff was there to in touch with passengers,

Anyways, at last, at 1230hrs we came to know that we have to shift to some hotels and flight will late till 2330hrs by a EK staff who came to us after many hours. We shifted to a very pathetic hotel named "Al Haram Hotel Medina". NO EK staff was also there to communicate or help us in getting rooms from hotel. NO food (Breakfast or Lunch) offered during this period. Even no EK staff was there to ask for a glass of water to passengers and kids. It takes 3hrs to adjust all passengers settled in the rooms. After wait of many hours with little kids who were totally exhausted with the hassle faced whole night and a day, when I entered the room whose key given to me already a family was inside and it was very awkward and embarrassed position to me when I opened the door with my key and saw females lying on bed.

Anyways, after a day and night stay at hotel, we were taken to airport again to pick up our luggage and then to travel towards Jeddah to take flight from their instead of Medina airport. During a day and night at hotel no EK staff contacted or communicate to any passenger. We were having only one EK staff name and mob number whose name was Mr. Abdullah H. Jablawi. Who came once at hotel and visited hotel persons only (Not to any passenger). He never picked up his cell phone whole period of our stay at hotel. It was very uncertain position for all passengers. No one have any knowledge when will we fly. We spend whole night in very uncertain situation.

When I contacted EK on telephone they told me to pay more money if I want to fly from DXB onwards. As we lost our connecting flights from DXB onwards due to missing our EK808 flight. We have to take another flight from DXB-LHE. I was having no option other than to give them more payment through my credit card. EK staff charged me more dollars per passenger to get flight Dubai to Lahore. I don't want to take more hassle with small children. I paid due to no other choice!

But I made a promised with myself never to travel by Emirates Airlines in my rest of life.

Thank you Emirates Airlines to make our UMRAH trip memorable. I doesn't know how you people treat with holy pilgrims. It was our purely a holy trip to perform UMRAH which was ruined by you. I want my money back/refund which I paid to you in regard of 5 tickets and extra money I paid by my credit card just to get a flight from DXB-LHE. I also want my money which I spent for food during our over stayed at Medina. Also pay me demurrages against mental tension and torture we faced during this period.


Arslaan Ikram

+92 321 9443693


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Mental tension and torture?

This is all I read on here.

Emirates must be having a right laugh.

Its all about compensation for your 'mental torture'.

Its always ALWAYS Indians having issues when flying anywhere ever. Don't fly!

Just stay home! Its safer!

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