Darien, Connecticut

We booked our ticket on Expedia, paid for it and were shown on-line seat assignments. When we got to Dubai airport to check in some 2 1/2 hours before our flight to NYC, we were told that because we did not check in online, we did not have seats.

Another woman, who also had no seat, but tried to check in online -- and couldn't -- was not so lucky and was told she could not get on the flight despite a wedding she had to go to. What kind of *** is this??

How can it be that we pay for a ticket, are shown seat assignments on Expedia , then come to the airport and are denied seats because we were were told that we had to check in online? So make sure you check in online as your seat reservations mean nothing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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With on-line travel agents like Expedia, it is worse. The seats you select with them is only a "request" which Expedia forwards to.the airline.

You did not have assigned seats with Expedia. As Anon said, you need to check in as early as possible to get a seat on all airlines.


This is true on every airline.

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