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I was flying to London on 9th Oct. my flight was from DEL to LHR via DXB.

A 4 am departure out of DEL with a 1 hr 35 min layover meant I needed to move quickly. However flight *** for DXB at 5 but so I thought I would have missed my flight to Heathrow. However we landed half an hr early I still had one hr and I needed to get to London since I had a 3 pm event to attend which was the reason I was traveling to London to begin with. I am stopped at the gate saying I cannot be on EK1.

I argued saying I still have 1 hr and its not my fault that I am late. They were adamant. I said ok put me on the 8 am to Gatwick instead of the current 7:35 to LHR. Prompt is the reply that all London flights are full.

Fine I said I'll travel on EK29 to LHR. Get on the flight, delayed again. Apparently only the flights I was on were late. And to top it all...

It was empty!! Basically their problem was that they couldn't be bothered changing the tags on my baggage again and again and nor did they want to fuss to much about get my bag onto the original flight so all the London flights just got full. I also found that at their counters they are ready to address only Premium class passengers issues the rest get the "why do you even bother?" Attitude.

I generally fly Qatar thought I'll give Emirates a try. I'll really not bother with them again.

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Just a heads up btw, they dont actually retag bags these days its a simple reroute message thats pretty much automated. Your story makes no sense, you reached the boarding gate an hour before your scheduled flight was meant to *** (meaning other people were boarding at the time) and they singled you out and told you; you werent flying?

despite you being a transfer passenger?

I know as a fact thats not right even if the flights were overbooked they would simply stop a local joiner from getting on not a transfer passenger. Your story doesnt add up..

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