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I was due to travel from Heathrow to Dubai by Emirates Airlines on 20th June 2010 at 1415 hrs.At the ticketing counter, 4-5 arab ticketing staff got in a bullying attitude with me on account of my excess baggage.Though i was alone and finally started weeping, it did not stopped them from threating me with the flight cancellation. I was surprised at their bullying attitude and the reason why 4 -5 ladies had to gather for the occasion.

I want the emirates to look into this incident seriously as it has already lost me as a customer and are likely to loose more because of these ill trained arrogant arabis ticketing staff ladies at the heathrow airport. I would also like if my humiliation is addressed by the airlines.My name is Nadia.

My no. is 0447772182795

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The fact is Arabs are still not mentally out of the desert, and with the latest slump in oil demand they seem to be headed back there again. Just as well, they belong there.

While initially Emiraties would seem better compared to Saudis, when the chips are down their inner Arab comes out.

That is why you see mostly expats in customer facing jobs, such as hostesses. None of their businesses would work if they had Arab's in customer service.

A good example is the recent Saudization drive in saudi, where they are replacing expats with saudis to ward off any Arab spring by the increasingly restless citizens who are seeing their income dwindling.

The result is the banks and telephone services have gone south. I called Mobily, the cell phone customer service, and pressed 2 for English but still ended up with someone who spoke no English.


Inga must be a comment submitter drone hired by emirated to defend this crappy airline, the fact that inga is calling the commenter's country 'messy' without even knowing which country is she from is pure prejudice.


Good to know that all the emirates *** are the same.


I feel sorry for you Nadia. You are one of these people who want to bring half of your belongings on the flight and then shout at the poor air crew that there is no space for it onboard.

In Europe if you are allowed to have e.g.32 kg in your suitcase (that is how much Emirates allows) that means no more than that. There are RULES to follow. It is not like probably in your messy country, where you can do whatever.

Your suitcase doesnt jump to the cargo by itself but it is handled by people therefore it cannot exceed a certain weight and the fact that you are crying is not going to help. You are just embarrassing yourself.

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