Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Recently when flying with Emirates from London Gatwick to Dubai I was served a 'vegetarian' meal...only to *** into the sandwich and realise they'd given me chicken. I haven't eaten meat for years and actually got rather a bad stomach ache from it. Following on from that, I then travelled from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur where EVERYONE received a meal BUT me. Firstly they tried giving me a non-vegetarian meal (even though a week beforehand I had specifically requested vegetarian on their website). When telling them I couldn't eat the meal they'd given me, the woman rudely replied well there is no vegetarian meals left. I must have asked about six times, to which eventually I gave up as they simply couldn't care less and just began ignoring me. I actually thought I was going to faint at one point on the flight.

To make matters EVEN worse, my friend who I was travelling with began feeling very sick when the seat belt sign was on. We both tried looking for sick bags but hadn't been provided with any, meaning my friend had to get out of her seat to ask for one. She was screamed at by the staff on board and actually was refused one until she caused a fuss and demanded one.

Overall I am utterly disappointed with Emirates

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When you were told there was none left, why did you continue asking another 6 times?

Why didnt you bring your own food if you were travelling for so long?

As for the sick bags.. why did your friend have to cause a fuss to get a sick bag? Ask someone else for one or get one from the bathroom.

What is wrong with you people.

Why dos nobody come prepared for flights anymore, sit down and get on with it. Everything is a problem with people nowadays.


When it is not safe to get up, please dont get up. Id rather u puke yourself then fracturing your ribs when you fall on the armrest.

Its not called rude,its called assertive. " Sir, you HAVE TO take your seat." No negotiation when it comes to safety.And im not asking you to sit, im TELLING you. Because i am the crew on board and your safety is MY RESPONSIBILITY, if you cant take care of yourself, I WILL. Its pretty obvious that its all shaking badly and even crew is strapped in, and you decide to wander around, especially elderly people that use walking sticks are the ones that decide to use the toilet in moderate turbulence.

There is a sickbag in EVERY seatpocket. If by any chance not in yours or you have used it for something else before, surely there is one in your neighbours'. They are humans too, ask the person next to you to give it to you. If there is no vegetarian meal, what can they do, if you ask more times it will still not be there.

You can ask 50 times more, still it wont be there if its not loaded into the plane. First they will apologise, they will look, they will call Business class ask if they have one left, if they cant find then after the 10th time you ask what can they do should they explain it again and again like for a retarded person? Sure you would get offended by that too. Look, if i have a guten allergy, i will NEVER rely on ANYONE,i will always have food with me that i am not allergic on and can eat if something happens (flight cancellation etc.) If you have special dietary requirements, always carry something with you to eat.

If you are not happy and there has been a mistake, its your right to complain, and do so. But i find it *** if you are about to faint cause you are not responsible enough to have taken some food for yourself. I always do so, and most times i dont get to open it (crackers,fruits etc), but im not worried cause i always have a plan B.

It gives me a relaxed way to travel. Grow up and dont always rely on others.

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