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Dear Sir / Madam.

I am very unhappy at the recent assault on my wife by one of your passengers on flight EK383 outbound from Hong Kong at 18-25 hours on the 18th May 2014.

I would of expected by now to have heard from your self's about this incident ,

with not only an apology.

As you clearly failed to protect my wife, but also an explanation as to who this person was and why he assaulted my wife, by punching her in the head, she was left in fear clearly shaken and has a severe bruise from hitting the armrest while trying to escape his punches to her head.

I would expect you are fully aware of the incident, Since a flight attendant was present at the time of the assault,

but I will refresh you on this.

My Wife Yu Yun *** was seated on the aisle seat when she noticed the man on the same row as her get this small grey item , and was concealing it with his bag while clicking it, when she asked him what it was he said it is nothing just for cutting nails, then she persisted and asked again,he then said it was a phone, she said it is not a phone.

at this time he got up and put the device into his bag and put the bag in the overhead luggage locker, he then moved seats,

my wife then went to tell the flight attendants what she had seen,

A flight attendant came and looked at the man, but did not say or do any thing further at this time.

My wife then talked with an other middle aged passenger, and explained to him what she saw, he then went to report the man again.

This time the flight attendant came and asked my wife exactly what she saw, as she was telling the flight attendant, this man jumped up and punched my wife in the head, in front of the attendant,

A passenger then got up and restrained the man, then other passengers and other flight attendants appeared , and help take the man some where else.

my primary thoughts were as to what this device was, but now I feel that airport security must be very poor if he was even allowed to get on the aircraft with any device that he felt the need to conceal,

My questions are who was this man,?

what was the device,?

why did he punch my wife,?

why has she not since been given at least an apology and explanation as to why she was not protected from assalt on this flight, ?

how did this man even mange to get on this flight with this device ?,

As a fairly regular flyer with emirates, I find this very disturbing,

I would appreciate an explanation very soon,

yours sincerely

B Evans, ( yu yun wang's husband )

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