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so i was on this flight from Dubai to Toronto and this staff member (the girl) very snobby talked to this client very rudely and harshly. the client asked the empty food trays to be taken away as it had been more than 2 hours and she said to him that he should be patient.

he got upset and said don't tell me to be patient and what not....he was ticked off and said the f word which led the argument to grow where the crew manager came and threatened and humiliated the client for good 20 minutes saying i bet i will get you arrested etc. too bad the clients don't team up and say what had happened. Emirates crew act as bullies. I agree the client shouldn't have said the f word but you know what if they consider the flight to be 5 star then they better providing the fing good customer service.

i traveled in it for 13 years but no more i have moved on. once my wife was travelling with the kid they said your kid is too big to fit in the bassinett...excuse me he is 1 year old and easily fits there and the bassinets are made for children aged up to 2 years. so emirates just talk *** and their crew deserve a *** treatment since they have made this a trend.

i don't know why canadians give emirates so much of freedom to fly over from montreal and toronto. i wouldn't fly with emirates even if they offer me a free ticket.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Unless the passenger is two years old he should learn how to be more patient. The world does not revolve around him.

Then for you to call a grown woman a girl when you spell like you are still in kindergarten is just wrong. They should have just kicked him off the plane, if he does not know how to behave his age in public than he has no business with the rest of society. The other passengers did not team up with him because he was throwing a temper tantrum like some child.

He was the one acting like a bully by swearing at the FA because he did not get his way. Also you guys are passengers not clients.


Emirates does not fly to montreal.


Exactly! They do not. So this person is full of ***

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