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On board Emirates Flight EK 650 from RHU TO DXB on the 27th of March 2010.Sri Lankan Flight stewardess Anu took her time in serving my 10yr old son a soft drink or even a glass of water. Her excuse was that it was a short flight. While I watched her serving alcoholic beverages to all other "White" passengers, my son came parched. Only after I said I'll complain as an after thought she brought a can of juice. Her overall attitude toward us (maybe be the colour of skin????) was of indifference.

The same can be said about the return flight from CMB to DXB EK 651 on the 13th of April 2010 about stewardess Allyson (Sri Lankan?) when a blanket and pillow was requested. She asked me to look into an empty seat and get it, but never got it for me. So I did help my self to it.

Even the seats were so uncomfortable, other air lines air buses are more comfy. I flew Emirates a decade ago, and the service was excellent. But sadly not it has left much to be desired.

There are more Sri Lankan crew on board, and the same can be said about almost all. This has helped me to decide I never board Emirates again unless I can learn to change the colour of my skin!! Because I found that the fairer ones get pampered and overly fussed while the rest is left to their own devices.

Alas same good money is paid by all for the same seats. Unless Emirates trains it's crew to serve better, I'm afraid it's the beginning of downwards process for the once reputed, award winning air line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight Attendant.

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Dubai to Birmingham EK 037. 15 November.

Business Class A380.

Wonderful flight.

Thanks to Melissa the Leicester lass on way home to see her new niece. Thanks for making the trip enjoyable.


I also had an experiences [on 4 e flights] with stewardesses that were a bit out of hand. Their business is that of safety and customer service.

They have to pull it together on the customer service end. Rolling eyes and snappy remarks are not necessary when dealing with the people that make it possible for you to even wear the uniform and have a job-CUSTOMERS... If you cannot handle the public [all 300 plus in some cases- DOES NOT MATTER IF WE ARE ECONOMY CLASS IDIOTS] then do not work as a stewardess, change your profession [you chose- A MAJOR CHOICE- to be stuck in planes with strangers for extended periods of time]. Also why are stewardesses replying to comments on this site.

This is a space for customer grievances... Don't continue to insult customers, you've already done that in-flight. You have had your chance to demonstrate your capacities as professionals while in-flight, don't use this space to defend situations that you were not a party to or present at. However, all stewardesses are not problematic.

It is just the ones that think that their position grants them carte blanche to be unnecessarily rude that we are referring to here.

Turkish airlines I hear has better service and cheaper priced flights. The best long distance travel I have ever had has been with South African Airways, Etihad and Quantas.


I totally agree many [not all] of them have horrible dispositions. I have flown with them a total of 6 times and each time it is always something.

I witnessed 2 stewardesses arguing on a flight from JFK to dubai. One was being trained by the other. The one doing the training really was harsh and had a bad attitude, many passengers noticed the arguing. Also they really do distribute drinks as if they have to ration them or are understocked.

I have never been on long distance flights where you have to make it a point to routinely ask for water [Leave it to Emirates]. For an airlines that is supposedly top tier for its service, they do not anticipate basic needs of the passengers and take way to long to collect the *** food trays after people have eaten. Why should you have a food tray in front of you 1 hour or more after eating...That is just poor time management. They also lie about meal reservations so print out your special meal requirements if you have dietary requests.

They will give your food away before you have even been served. Many of the stewardesses are new and need training from staff that have been in the profession for a while.. I think they need a few tips especially when it comes to customer service.

Also, they ignore and ar harsh with elderly people on flights. I have seen that more than once.


hello dear cabin crew of ek037 from dubai to bharmingham.

i am very happy from your service, attitude, manners and politeness especially of tina (sorry dont know the full name)and i would love to travel with emirates always. i am just trying to convey my special thanks to all of the cabin crew of ek037 on 15th nov 2012. thank you and best of luck





To Kelly and other Attendants...you should change immediately your job. I'm not referring to your "on board" attitude but to the response u gave here .

I'm really doubting and on my opinion you are a fake.

Not even one I repeat not one among the thousand pursers/attendants i worked with in 20 years would give such bad examples of customer care even if the is "critical" as in this case. Really doubting about your identity.

@Frank Hiver

To be a flight attendant for EK you must be a real ***. That is all it is required. Not only mistreat passengers but also steal husbands and destroy families.

The most successful ones are the Australians....over 40.

The older the worst.

Thanks for giving a *** of a xmas! Forever thankful.


I took Emirate Airlines 2 weeks ago for the first time from Newcastle to Dubai. I was deeply disappointed in one of the flight attendants attitude from the very beginning.

Once I was sat, I remembered that my Ipad is switched on and sending and receiving signals and was on the top shelf. so I asked her to help me out to get it from there so I switch it off. Simply, she ignored me completely and looked the other way like if she doesn't care about me. I was really pissed off then did it myself although it was difficult for me to move.

After 4 hours of flying she came to me asking what I was asking for at the beginning!! Only 4 hours later!!

I wrote to the airlines complaining and they simply said we have dealt with the issue but we can't tell you what we did, thank you for writing to us. Does anybody know if it's my rights to know what happened or should just leave it now?


I have been travelling in emirates airways regularly for the past 10 years. I have recently started noticing the discriminatory way the crew have started to treat the passengers .

In my case, an airhostess was moving her trolley picking up soiled plates on her way. My 65 year old mother who was standing in the *** for a long time after coming out of the bathroom. My mother asked her if she could move a bit so that she can go to her seat to which she was rudely asked to move back and said my mother was standing in her personal space. So my mother had moved back I was sitting right in front of the trolley.

The air hostess was picking up trays from a white british couple and picked up a conversaion with them which went on for more than five minutes then I had intervened to and requested the air hostess to move up a bit so my mother can return to her seat. Immediately the air hostess waved her hand at me and pounced on me saying that your mother is entering into my personal space she is blocking my space and I cannot move. I was shocked by that response and tried to reason out with her and she yelled at me and asked me to stop talking to her.

In my defense I told her how rudely she was reacting to the situation and had no business to wave her hand at me as though she is my boss and I have gone to her with begging bowl. I could see the obvious difference in treatment of a brown skinned passenger such as me and my mother and fellow white passenger (the people who were given royal treatment right across my aisle).Shame on you emirates!!!

flight EK 037 , from dubai to birmingham


Problems with management of Emirates: I just had to add to this as I flew with Emirates about 3 years ago and was so lucky to find the crew were very kind, helpful and friendly, devoted to their jobs. However, I have a friend used to work for them - very dedicated to her job.

Sorry to say it was generally found they have no employment rights whatsoever, as anyone would in the UK. I had heard that new employees were being offered a lower salary; also heard about several of the staff having to endure a common attitude of 'bullying' from several in positions senior to cabin crew + managers/employers; many crew periodidally called in for 'disciplinary action' for no good reason! A friend of mine who was genuinely ill; also suffered lack of sleep due to some of the long flights with short lay-overs (hence even following Emirates own rule-book - is UNSAFE when safety of crew & passengers should be paramount)- got 'disciplined' despite doctors' certificates.

It was even suggested 'someone in management had got it in for her'; we know very well who it is and can't mention this woman for legal reasons; my contact was dedicated to her job; loved the job and always anxious to help passengers at all times (despite the fact that many of her contemporaries simply felt they could not fulfil the 3-year contract; many leaving after 2 years!) This general management attitude must, therefore, be extremely bad for staff morale and hence could affect their 'attitude', very sadly. It is the management needs 'looking at'!


*** emirates n don't even try to fly with this sick airline


He he, I like the response of "You just made my day". I am an Emirates crew and I confirm that there is no alcohol onboard of any flights to Saudi Arabia because it is a dry country.

Safra, you are embarrassing yourself!

All Emirates flights have food and drink service so I am sure your son received his drink but you are probably one of these sad people that are never happy and didnt want to spend a dollar to buy a drink in duty free before your flight. Instead you chose to harass the crew with your requests on such a busy flight as Dubai-Riyadh.


If you didnt have an inferiority complex you wouldnt have thought that you didn't receive a good service because of the color of your skin. Emirates flights are usually full and the crew are very busy so if you urgently need something you should move your bottom and go to the galley to ask for it.

You cannot expect a personalized servise if you travelling in economy class.

Dont forget that the crew have about 3 hundred passengers to serve so if you need something make an effort. Crew are there to serve you but they are not your servants.


If you didnt have an inferiority complex you wouldnt have thought that you didn't receive a good service because of the color of your skin. Emirates flights are usually full and the crew are very busy so if you urgently need something you should move your bottom and go to the galley to ask for it.

You cannot expect a personalized servise if you travelling in economy class.

Dont forget that the crew have about 3 hundred passengers to serve so if you need something make an effort. Crew are there to serve you but they are not your servants.


Ok guys I have read enough the passenger and crew both have a point, however bigger picture people please. javascript:ac_smilie(':)')

This is for every passenger who flies you all should know that the crew members number one job is your safety in case of an emergency we will save your lives. so don't *** us of about a drink because we may overlook you while evacuating that aircraft. Do not be rude to someone who you will have to count on while you are on our aircraft till you have landed.

Now for all cabin crew including myself being the purser regardless, we have a job because you bought the ticket and we know that and respect that but like every job it can be very stressful at times. If your request is not met ask someone else but do not blame all crew as we do not come to work to *** our passengers off and get in trouble with our managers nor pick on someones color coz i am fairer than you remember Nelson Mandela is a black man and look what he achieved its almost laughable to hear that this day and age let get beyond that.

Next time you fly put yourself in each other shoes the poor mother just wants a drink for her child, she is seated at the window seat and cant get out or seem to get the drink and is frustrated. She is not angry at you just wants a drink for her son.

And now think about standing in the aisle of a pressurized cabin were every one is asking for something and u cant possibly remember all of it as our memory diminishes after flying for so long may just forget your request ask us again and again.

For all flyers lets all get along coz we need each other at the end of the day. :)javascript:ac_smilie(':?')


Your complain really made my day. This just shows how ridicioulous you people are.

For your information, since you cant stop mentionin that your poor coloured son didnt get this water while all the "white" people are served their cans of beer, take that for your information. "ANY EMIRATES FLIGHT TO SAUDI ARABIA DOES NOT HAVE ANY, AND I REPEAT, ANY KIND OF ALCOHOL ON BOARD!!!!! SAUDI DESTIONATIONS ARE THE ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE NETWORK THAT FORBIDS SERVING ALCOHOL OR CARRYING IT ON BOARD AT ALL!!!!" If you would be a bit informed you would know. Really, you made me laugh.

you simply realized that complaining that the girl maybe failed to bring your son his water, you had to make up lies making Emirates staff look worse, whereby you just embarassed yourself since that is just a pure lie. I am working as Emirates cabin crew and i am sittig here with colleagues and you just made our day laughing at your poor try of making up a pic of us serving alcohol to whites and let coloured kids thirsty when there aint even any beer or anything on board.

I feel sorry for you.

You must be one of these great mothers how doesnt even want to buy her really really thirsty son a bottle of water for two dollars in the airport, or elsewhere why didnt you do it since you have 1 1/2 hours in the terminal before boarding...?!?!?

enjoy qatar since wer are happy to have one less of you!!


goodness! as for safra, i will display an example for people who have your attitude.

i was flying on a flight to Jedda, and there was a passenger who kept asking the same cabin crew who was a male crew for different things. that poor crew did nothing but smile at the customer. first, the passenger demanded a news paper from first class, the crew went and brought it, then the same passenger asked the crew while he was distributing the towels to find a solution for the screen that doesnt work, the crew informed him that once they start the video for safety the screen will automatically reset, then finally while the plane pushing back, it got so hot and the same passenger seemed like he was interogating the crew member told him that it is hot, the same crew member told the passenger that as soon as the engine starts the airconditioning will start again because they connected the power from some ground unit that he mentioned.

that passenger started yelling and shouting at the crew member telling him that they should have started the engines a long time ago before they let them suffer! i wanted to say something but i just ignored it.


shoddy service at the front desk, ill-trained staff, high handed bursars, ill equpped aircraft, lousy ground staff all this experienced in my first flight from dxb to riyadh and unfortunately i had to lug myself on the return flight too in this 3rd rate airline. emirates is going down the popularity hill as a boulder hurtling down at great speed.

i am happy it was my first and last experience with this thingy.

even qatar airqays does better. orr was it iraqi airways?

and hey yes color does matter and so does a "kandura"! LMFAO


Its people like you saleh who need to open their eyes and see the bigger picture!!

Id like to see you in the emirates uniform for even one day and see how you come out!

The crew put up with ridiculous requests on board .. its not about not having enough staff its about having over demanding rude arrogant passengers, who find nothing better in life than to get on board and complain!!

Its funny that you bring up race because Emirates hire every race and colour its never the crew who discriminate it seems its the passengers, and you writting this mail and acting the way you are shows it!! If your not happy just shut up and dont fly emirates again do us all a favour respect the other passengers we dont want to hear your whining! As for your son being that thirsty im pretty sure there is a meal service on EVERY EMIRATES flight including DOH 30min flight ..so your son would have received a drink... Take a look at all the complaints see who is writting them, your embarrassing yourself!!


Safra, did you consider that she is human and makes mistakes? Her job is very demanding, it seems like a minor mistake.

You are accusing the crew of being racist but the only person here that appears to be racist is you. Get over yourself.


i find it hand to understand how narrow minded and self absorbed you are safra. you claim, and that is all you can do, that emirates crew have now become racist and selective. asking politely for a drink is easy and i have no doubt would be met with a prompt response but your inability to ask for a drink for your son is your problem.

cabin crew are not mind readers but people trying their best to serve 400 passengers sometimes in a very short amount of time. yes you have paid good money but dont assume you have paid the same amount for your seat as the person next to you as time of ticket bought, availability and type of ticket purchased are all variables and drastically change the price of the ticket.

i am sorry your son was parched because of a lack of soft drink but most cabin crew do the best they can. maybe emirates is slipping and management needs to find ways to enthuse their staff better. simple commmunication with emirates would serve much better for them to serve you.

lastly your ignorant responses to those replying to your messages suggests you are not a very reliable resource anyway. enjoy qatar and their infrequent flights...

p.s qatar airway crew are so good because of the fear policy the company employ. i am sure you would like more people to live that way

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