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Hi, I am a frequent flyer from California to Islamabad through Dubai and I just started using Emirates as it suites my schedule. I have also a very big family, around 123 families now and counting, to whom which I have suggested the Emirates Airlines as I had hearted so much about it. But I am going to talk to everyone to change it back to catheypacific, as they treat you like a human and want you back as a customer. But unfortunately, not Emirates, today I was treated like some low life person who is trying to get a free meal voucher at Dubai Airport Transfer counter. The name of the associate who made me feel like is Naouel, if I am spelling her name correctly, please, convey my apologies to her if I have misspelled her name. I was accompanied with my mother-in-law who is on wheel chair and was waiting for me at the gate B7, about half a mile from the counter. She refused to give me the meal voucher as I did not have both boarding passes. In this refusal process, she raised her voice to such a volume and pitch that almost all the people could hear her who we're waiting in the line. And I do not have to tell you how long this waiting line if you have ever visited that area. She wanted me to go back and get my old boarding pass as she did not believe me. I showed her my new boarding pass which was issued from LA, but she declined to listen me. I told her I understand that but the whole purpose of the two boarding passes is to make sure that the passenger has a stay over for more than 4 hours. She said yes, but she still needs both the boarding passes.

I have 5 years of experience with hospitality, where I was the operations manager for 2 Marriott hotels in San Francisco Bay Area. She violated all the rules of the hospitality, according to my experience. They are as following:

- She refused to give me a service which Emirates Airline proudly advertise and is displayed on the Dubai Airport.

- She humiliated me internationally ( as she humiliated me in front of international crowd).

- Another associate who was sitting next to her joined her in my humiliation.

- I displayed and she recognized the proof that I have been on the airport for more than 4 hours but still needed the paper, which was half a mile away from me. And since I am traveling from last 24 hours, I was in no mood to walk for another mile to get a free meal.

I have just signed up for the sky rewards miles as we'll but with my this experience I'll, be thinking to cancel it as I will be using a better quality airline who care and value for their passengers. Please, don't get me wrong, I am NOT blaming all the hardworking people of the Emirates Airline, but this one experience in enough for me to never use this airline again. I have attached my 2 boarding passes, due to which I was humiliated by Emirates Airline's Associate.

I don't want to make a spur of the moment decision, rather, I'll wait for the Emirates Airlines response for my complaints and will based my decision on the overall process. I understand that things sometime goes wrong but it depends how the management takes care of it.

The ball is in your court Emirates Airlines.

Thank You!

Atif Abrar


Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Customer Care.

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I think you'll be waiting a long time. You and your meal voucher are probably not their top priority

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