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I booked a trip for my wife and my too childrens for a trip to Conakry from Dubai on the 14 th of December 2012 via Abidjan.

I could not buy the tickets till Conakry but the agent in DNATA gave me the schedule’s trip and told me to book on the web site and to buy separatly the ticket from Abidjan to Conakry .

The connexion’s time was very short but the DNATA agent and even on the check in , the emirates employes told me it was ok. The check in for the luggages has been done till Conakry.

Unfortunatly, the Dubai Abidjan’s flight was delayed and my wife and childrens couldn’t take the second flight ! when they asked help to the emirate office in the Abidjan’s airport, nobody helps them, they were in trouble because without any visa for the Ivory Coast . they had to wait all the night in the transit area in the airport ,and cherry on the top, my wife had to buy new tickets for Conakry for the next day.

I’m very very angry with the way , the company managed the problem and i want to ask, first the refund of the price of the three tickets to Conakry for the next day and second a compensation for the day lost and the night spent in the airport on the chairs.

I think also, as a gold card holder, they should have help my familly in distress.

You can find in attachment the schedule given by the DNATA’s agent, the luggages tags Dubai-Conakry, the tickets flights they could not use ,and the new tickets flights my wife had to buy in order to finally reach Conakry the 15th of December 2012.

I give you the reference booking for their tickets : BB317B

I’m very interrested to see how you’re going to fix the problem because i’m really really ANGRY with this way to do with my family.


Best Regards


EK 204567600

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1310.

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