Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

I have booked 3 tickets for my wife & two kids aged of 2 years & 3 years, my wife thought that to quit carry the cabin luggage which will figure around 15 kgs for 3 tickets, so that she can travel with kids conveniently and when she move book check-in of 90 kgs luggage altogether under three tickets however unexpectedly that check in was 94 kgs instead of 90 kgs, atleast they could consider 4 kgs under her cabin luggage however, they are few chaps represent BLOOD SUCKING airlines (EMIRATES), they insult my wife by commenting and troubled much her till she remove that 4 kgs excess and I have given 3 lakhs business to these blood sucking airlines by booking tickets for myself twice & for my family with in six months only but still they suck customer's blood like anything while baggage check in, especially in hyderabad, India. However i don't have any other alternative, because i have only two airlines to reach Uganda thru either emirates or qatar, this arab based airlines harass explicitely.....simplying publish themselves providing great customer services....Please suggest me, is there any thing wrong - atleast they can consider that 4 kgs on humanitarian basis.No ALLAH SIRF GALLA KATOA..

Product or Service Mentioned: Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy.

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I felt the same way. Emirates crew in hyderabad especially screwing people with the luggage.

They made me pay 50$ for extra 2kgs. Not going to Travel with Emirates again.


Dear Anonymous... I second that!


firstly im sorry but your english is terrible. Its difficult to understand. However from the jist of what youre saying. You're pissed because you exceeded your clearly stated baggage allowance and the airline charged you?

IATA regulations states airline should provide only 20kgs for adults and 15kgs for children Emirates gives you 30kgs for all. Were you moving country? 90kgs is an incredible amount of baggage. In fact its called baggage not 'your entire life'

With that logic if the airline had dropped you off in libya instead of Dubai you have no right to be angry, as neither of you has stuck to your contract.

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