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To whom this May concern

I wish to put in a complaint about our experience with Emirates

My name: Margaret Gibson Flight number:EK 108 on a return trip from Malta via Dubai

Then onto Sydney Date : 19.7.14

Also the lady that I care for and was travelling with is Mrs Maria Radnidge

We where flying from Malta on Saturday the 19.7.14 ... When we arrived in Dubai later that night to be told that we haven't got a connecting flight , I asked why but no-staff member from Emirates could give me a answer. I asked a few times, but they still couldn't give me a answer they couldn't tell us any thing on what was going on or what was happing.... Buy this time I was getting very upset and stressed not knowing what was going on..... About 3/4 of hour later one of the Emirates staff come and told us that we had to stay in Dubai for 24 hours and they would give us a room at a motel with breakfast .. Lunch .. And dinner we had no money left and was very upset...... Then I ask them that I needed to contact my children to let them know what was going on , they never gave me a answer

We then had to re- book our tickets I let the Emirate staff know that we needed our seating together for medical reason which I had a letter from the doctors with me he reply yes that's fine I can do that for you ... I know that I should of check my tickets but I was still very upset at this time

About 1/2 hour later we got picked up from Dubai Airport and taken to the Motel.... Then I ask the staff again that t needed to contact my children to let them know what was happing

The Emirates staff at the motel where very good and polite... They gave us the internet while we where staying at the motel we had no complaint about the staff who looked after us at the motel they we very good

But as we arrived to get on the plane our seating was not together we where separated settings I wasn't happy... By this time Maria was very stress I ask the staff if we could change seating with someone else she reply I will try

But she return and said that she was very sorry but the plane was full and that she couldn't get two seats together.... Then I saw a man opposite me with a empty seat beside him I ask him if he wanted to change seats with me and I explained why and he was kind enough to change with us

Then we arrived at Perth International Airport... And we ask a staff member where we had to go she said first to go to the carousel and pick up our luggage I explain to her that they told us in Dubai that our luggage would be going straight to sydney from Dubai .... Then she reply just go down and check the carousel first Incase it was there sure enough our luggage was there .... Then we had to carrie our own luggage plus our carrie on luggage down to a waiting bus service to take us to the domestic airport.... We had no help from any one ... All the bus driver said was you's will have to hurry up I am about to leave it was very hard for us to get the bags on the bus because we couldn't leave the bags unattended so I had to get Maria to get on the bus first then give her one bag at a time then on top of that we had to stand up the whole trip to hold the bags I wasn't very happy about that not one person offered to help us... It was a very bad and disappointing trip home

We have used Emirates for the past 3 years and we are looking forward to using them in the future ....but two out of the three times we have had bad experience with Emirates

Last year the same thing happen to us... Our trip home from Malta in April 2013.... We where told at Malta Airport as we where checking in that we didn't have a connecting flight for us at Dubai and that we would have to stay at Dubai for 3 or 4 days we didn't want to stay at Dubai so we ask them if we could stay a extra week in Malta ... They said that was fine but it costed us a extra $ 75 each to re- book our tickets ..... Also we lost some of our pension money from centerlink because we over stay the 6 week limit

We had booked our holidays for 6 weeks but due to the extra week it put us over the limit.... So this year we only booked our holidays for 5 weeks Incase it happen again and lucky we did because the same thing happen again which wasn't our fort

We really love travelling with Emirates but I need to be re insured that it isn't going to keep happing each time we travel with Emirates

We would be much appreciated if we could get some kind of compensation for all the inconvenience that we have experienced with Emirates this year and last year

We really don't want to have change our airline company but if we keep having bad experiences we will have no choice but to change our airline company

Thank you looking forward to hearing back from you in the near future

Your kinds regards

Margaret Gibson @ Maria Radnidge

My email address :

Contact number :


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Sorry for the inconvenience. We too had very bad experience with Emirates.

My wife and kids are stuck in Dubai airport. My wife and kids are with boarding passes infront of gate. They did not announce the flight number nor passenger's name. 15 mins before my wife showed her boarding passes to enter inter flight.

They said boarding is closed and didnot allow them. Next 18 hrs it is a nightmare for my family. Finally we paid $800/- fee for each person (Total of $2400/-) to get the tickets. That too we got flight tickets to Washington DC.

I drove all the way to there and received them.

I gave a complaint to Emirates people, no body responding. I feel the most useless fellows are Emirates staff. They are careless, non cooperative, rude people. Do not expect any thing from them.

No body is willing to give senior management information.

Bottom line the top management also useless. They don't care.

Their customer service is "ZERO".

I never ever travel in Emirates. I will try to communicate my incident to every body.

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